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Bang Films was founded in 2011, as an amalgamation of other companies specialising in film and media production that had been used up to that point. However, even with the re-brand and re-structure, the compaony remained cluttered and unproductive, so was restructured yet again in 2013. This became the Bang Films part of BlueLazer NG.

Bang Films has produced many films since 2011, all of which are accessible on this site through the "Watch Our Projects" page in the menu at the top right of this page. Browsing and wastage of time there is recommended.



Welcome to Bang Films - Online Cinema. This is an archive of our films. The first page of the archive shows current / future (unfinished) projects. Pages later are arranged so that latest films come first. There are ten films per page of the archive.

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For Reels (2014) For Reels (2014) A comedy documentary about the filmmaking process.

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For Reels (2014) Video Coming Soon There are no videos to show at the moment. Please check back later.



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For Reels (2014) For Reels (2014) A comedy documentary about the filmmaking process.
Dustbusters (2013) Dustbusters (2013) When there are ghosts in an IT office, who ya gonna call?
The News - Episode 1: Professional Incompetence (2013) The News - Episode 1: Professional Incompetence (2013) Film students running a TV studio? Bound to have problems ...
Locked (2013) Locked (2013) A murder happens in a locked room, so how did it the killer get in?
The Game (2012) The Game (2012) What exactly is happening here?
Home By The Sea (2012) Home By The Sea (2012) Yellow post-it notes. What's up with that?
Moused (2012) Moused (2012) A cash box is stolen and then the hunt is on!
The Blank Job Title Card The Blank Job (2011) When an incriminating disc goes missing, Mark Dolph is on the case! Will the ex gang member courier that delivered it get off scot free?
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AntiSpeak Ad Title Card Breath Taking Anti-Speak (2011) Want to silence live audio? Now you can with Breath Taking Anti-Speak: Buy Up, Load Up, Shut Up!.
Bad Jokes Title Card Bad Jokes - Pilot Episode (2011) Join us on this tragic, possibly short lived, experimental, comedic endeavor; a current affairs show looking at the news in New Zealand and around the world. Filmed on 21/08/11.
Easy Off Slam Title Card Easy Off Slam (2011) Easy Off Slam is a 30-minute epic parody of everything from talk shows to mockumentary, and cooking shows to ads. Split into three parts. Download Promotional Posters Here. Poster 1, Poster 2
I Believe I Can Fly Title Card I Believe I Can Fly (2009) A compilation of horribly agonizing deaths.
Ghostbusters Revisited Title Card Ghostbusters Revisited (2009) They're back and they're wearing ladies overcoats! Who ya gonna call?
Man Of Steel Title Card Man Of Steel #3: Atomic Destruction (2009) The CIA are suspicious and hire a robot to spy on TBO.