Welcome to a Rather Expansive Archive ...

This site came into existence because of a few things;

1) Me and a few friends like to code Web Pages, and

2) The site that hosted them took down all its clients' pages simultaneously and overnight, meaning we could no longer access/use them.

These two issues, and because I think we should have a site on the Web mean that this site exists. And the very fact that you're here means you agree too.

The following list is a basic outline of all the subdomains this site has. They are all locked with a username and password. To register for any given site, ask me (because more than likely you know me).

Not all features of all sites currently work. Any email form or anything like that is more than likely currently down, but at some point or other I will get it working, if I can be bothered.

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These sites are probably broken. Sorry about that :(